Sunday, 26 September 2010

Focus 10 - The Movie Never Happened

That's what I heard today when I was in Focus 10. I had a rather easy session, no major hickups, no swallowing urges. I got relaxed, calm and today I followed again my 'story line' into getting to Focus 10. It seems that Frank was right, one gets better results when imagining a storyline to get to Focus 10 instead of simply listening to Monroe's voice. The last few sessions I disrupted the pattern and simply did what Monroe said, but it wouldn't work that well.

I didn't see any 3D blackness, I had no vibrations or anything, I simply had my body very relaxed. I clicked out 1-2 times and came back very fast. At some point while being in a green meadow with 'lush green grass' as they say it, I heard a man's voice saying 'the movie didn't happen' (or that movie, or this movie', I'm not quite sure). It's like I was having a talk with that person and he was telling me in conversation. Then I focused my awareness again on being in that green grass. I felt I was really there, it was a great feeling. I'll have to explore that green valley or meadow when I'm doing the exercise again, it seems like a nice place to start the exploration from.


Hi there,

Was just looking to see if I can find any community in Cyprus regarding astral projection and so I found this blog on google :)
I have to say, I just started trying to AP a couple of days ago and I was reading all that stuff by "people" selling books and what not and I was wondering how real that really is, but now, after finding someone "close" (someone different from "people", not sure if that makes sense) that has taken steps towards it and experienced some of the stuff I read about in your blog really gives me a lot of confidence, so thank you :)
Anyway, enough with the blabling, I was wondering if you can give me an advice? I am trying to relax but for some reason I cannot relax my eyes and my eyelids and keep them closed at the same time, for some reason my eyes/eyelids are relaxed while open and I cannot go past that point. Did you ever experience this ? Any idea on how could one go past it ?
Thank you :)

Actually yes. I had some similar problems and what I did was to buy one of these sleeping masks (I talked about it in my post 'Reached the 3D blackness again'). It is so dark when you put the mask on, it's amazing. You can actually have your eyes open and still see nothing. Pitch dark. It only costs like 10 Euros or so at Amazon, it's well worth investing in one of these if you're serious about AP :)