Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Reached the 3D blackness again?

A couple of days ago I've read on the Astral Pulse forum about a sleeping mask made by Mindfold that helps really when you want to do the exercises during the day and the light goes through the eyelids. You can purchase it at the Mindfold website for $20 I think but I found it at around $10 at Amazon so I bought it. I've just checked some Amazon reviews and some people were complaining that they can't sleep with it. Well it's for meditation and relaxation mostly, and for that it seems to be perfect.

Anyway I bought it and today it came in the post. Came quite fast actually. So this afternoon, sitting at my computer desk, I put the mask on, put also the headphones on (I wonder how I was looking with all these things on my head) and I started again the same Intro to Focus 10 tape. I'm going to be at it for a while until I really can easily slip into Focus 10 before I progress.

First of all about the mask. It's very comfortable, it has a foam padding so it lays nicely over the face. Plus it has two holes for the eyes so you can even have your eyes open and it still works. I've tried and and it's pitch black in there! I did close my eyes after a while simply because I'm used to having my eyes closed when meditating.

At first everything went pretty much as usual, regular relaxation (lots of swallowing impulses, I can't seem to get rid at times at these impulses but they say it's normal). Towards the end though, while I was enjoying being in the Focus 10 state I started actually looking at the blackness and noticing what I saw. At some point I saw something towards the bottom part of my reach with my eyes closed a darker black than the regular black so I focused on it. I was actually surprised that there was something blacker than black since the Mindfold gave me true blackness during the session. But there it was like a small lake in the middle of the vast land. So I started focusing on it more and at some point it's like it grew bigger and I had a feeling like it exploded suddenly and it became huge, pushing everything else aside. It was only me and that blackness in front of my closed eyes.

I started to see lots of white worm type things moving all over the place. Last time I experienced something similar there were many tiny stars. Now I saw whitish worms (unghhh) everywhere. I suddenly had a feeling of depthness, it was all no longer flat. I could still feel my body so I knew I was not relaxed enough however I felt that if I were, I could have easily jumped into that deep black right in front of my eyes.

However this happened towards the end of the session, just before Monroe started to count back from 10 to 1 so this was very short. But it was very different from the regular blackness I saw all the time through my closed eyes, and it was similar to the second Gateway session from a little while ago. Wow that was such a great feeling, I want it again! Was this the 3D blackness that everyone is talking about?