Saturday, 18 September 2010

Felt slight tremors or vibrations

During the afternoon I used the Discovery intro to focus 10 track and I got deeply relaxed. Early on, maybe because it's been around 1 hours since lunch, I actually felt nauseous and dizzy, but I let the tape go on and went with it. At some point I felt like I had nothing under my right foot and I felt really very relaxed and light headed. Sadly soon after that one of my neighbors started washing his car and put the radio on very loud, so I started to get out of that deep relaxation feeling. I did finish the session but it was uneventful after that.

A bit later on I went to bed to read Monroe's Journeys Out of Body (bought all three of them and they arrived on Friday). I got a bit sleepy in the process, so I put the book aside and simply relaxed. After about 15 minutes I must have dozed off for a few seconds (or minutes) and then I woke up. Right after I started to feel light vibrations - more like tremors in my entire body, it was quite pleasant actually and it very subtle. It lasted for no more than maybe 30 second or so and then it went away. I no longer felt sleepy so I got up.