Friday, 17 September 2010

More vivid dreams

Just wanted to jot down something in my journal that I've noticed recently. For the last few days since I've started focusing more on the subject of astral projection/OBE, I've started noticing my dreams more - at least the last dream that I have before waking up. On average, I do remember sometimes my dreams, but not always, but what I've dreamed the last 2 nights I remember quite accurately, at least in parts. The dreams are not especially weird, or anything, but they are much more vivid than my previous dreams. Not sure if this actually has anything to do with the fact that my mind is more and more focused with the subject, I read more books on it and when I go to sleep I focus on affirmations that I will remember my dreams and that I will become lucid during dreaming (the second hasn't happened yet).

Even if there are no major breakthroughs yet, something is definitely moving in the right direction, I can feel it through all these small signs. I know I'm far away from anything major yet, but practice does make perfect, and while unfortunately nothing really comes easily to me (I really have to struggle in most areas of my life to 'get there'), I can say that with hard work, I usually do. I've been pretty unhappy during the last couple of years at my dayjob and finally in December I managed to leave. Now I'm working for myself from home, as self-employed. It's not easy, but I do see an increase in my earnings every month. And this is just one aspect of it all. When I put my mind to it, I can learn it and I've proved it over and over to myself. So now, all I need is to simply keep at it without losing interest, and sooner or later I will succeed in having my first astral projection.