I had a few more Introduction to Focus 10 sessions during the last few days, however there was nothing special to report. I know it's early to have any big headways in this. I was always in bed with the headphones on. Today I tried it again like I used to one year ago, sitting on my chair in my office. For one, I got really deeply relaxed. I clicked out a few times.

During one of those click-outs, a woman put a spoon on one of my hands. As soon as I clicked back in, I physically felt the cool touch of the spoon on that spot. That was quite interesting and different experience. I had that feeling for a while until it actually disappeared. Otherwise it was, again, a regular session whereby I simply felt myself deeply relaxed.

Another thing I'm trying when I go to sleep is learning to see the hypnogogic images that are usually happening before falling asleep in a dream. I'm reading an ebook by Donald DeGracia called Astral Projection Class on Compuserve, it's a free pdf that is makes it really easy to understand many things about astral projection, OBE and lucid dreaming. Why is it that many times the free books are more useful than those were we pay heavy money for them?
Here is the ebook (it's a pdf so you need Acrobat Reader to open it) if you're interested in reading it. I highly recommend it!