Monday, 13 September 2010

3D Blackness

Well look like that heavy black wall with many white stars that I wrote about it in my last post was actually no wall, but the proverbial 3D blackness that one experiences as a part of the phasing process. I've read more about it at the Astralpulse forum and I didn't realize before that this is what I've just experienced the other day.

On one hand it was truly beautiful, so different from anything else I've 'seen' with closed yes, but on the other hand, I wanted so bad to get back to my 'vision' on the beach, instead of actually trying to phase into this blackness. Had I known then that I could have...oh well, I'm sure it will happen again...So it seems it's not a wall, it's something that you could actually enter...

This is the post by Frank that describes it so well.