Sunday, 12 September 2010

Second Gateway session today

I had the home to myself this afternoon, so around 7 pm I had a second session with the Introduction To Focus 10 track. Now I used pretty much the same technique as I started with today on visualizing a case scenario with the butler and all. It almost went the same as earlier today, with a major and startling difference. Somewhere in the middle, when I had to relax my legs I think, under my left eye the skin started itching very strongly, but so strongly that it was unbearable, so I effectively had to use my hand to massage it lightly.

I then went back to relaxation and this is when the weird thing happened. Suddenly I felt like I had a door closed on me. I was immediately aware of my own eyes which were seeing a strong blackness with thousands of white tiny stars in front of me, like a heavy black curtain with many small white points on it. I was trying to break through that black veil to get back to my place but I could not. It was like that veil was a heavy door and I could not go through it. I was trying to see through it, to see my 'scene', but I could not. All I could see was that heavy black curtain with the million many white little dots, or stars. It was a very weird sensation but it was also beautiful to be aware something like that. Eventually I relaxed my body a bit more and then gradually I started to 'see' the scene where I was supposed to be, at first as if from far away, then I got 'in' the scene, so eventually all went back to normal and I completed the exercise without further problems.

This was completely different from simply having woken up from a meditation session. My eyes were closed, and I was still 'out there'. I just could not get to my 'place' due to a black wall with many many white tiny stars. It would have been actually freaky if I weren't that fascinated with this particular experience.