I've read yesterday a lot about Frank's phasing technique at the Astralpulse forum, and I've changed during my session today my technique. So instead of simply listening to Monroe's voice and imagining whatever he was saying, I was actively creating a space of my own with a full fledged start from the beginning into getting to focus 10 and running back to my energy conversion box.

I deviated slightly from the way Frank was doing it, and I need to learn to time everything based on the voice but so far the experience was great. I didn't doze off into the lala land so often like the last time, I was pretty much conscious all the time (I think my mind wandered off only 2-3 times when I was jolted back by Robert's voice) and everything seemed much better this time. I even have a butler called Stephen whom I give my physical garment to place in the box and then closing the box when I leave from there.

I can't put my finger onto what happened, but I enjoyed this time the experience much better. And towards the end my fingers and arms and part of my body really started prickling and tingling. The whole thing was like I'm here, and yet I'm not. I'll start using this technique from now on for getting into and being in Focus 10 when listening to the tape.

I've just pondered upon a major difference between working with the Gateway CD and any other regular meditation track, be it guided or free. When I usually meditate, be it with the Dick Sutphen CD, or the Om, or anything else, I do enjoy it, as I like meditating. However many times I feel like I have to do it, and throughout the session I catch myself thinking about 'when is the tape over, is it much left yet'? And sort of relieved when the 20 minutes or so are over.

Here, on the other hand, I can't wait to start every time, and even though it's a full 37 minutes track, every time I listened to it so far, I had this feeling that it's too soon over and I wanted to be still there, wherever I was, and not come back so soon. This was pure enjoyment, meditation felt more like enjoyable work, something that I would feel guilty if I didn't do.

I'm not sure why I feel this difference, but there I have it, and that's one reason why I'll continue with this for now instead of going back to regular meditating.