Wednesday, 8 September 2010

I started to see auras again

A few years ago when I was trying out various things related to spirituality, wanting to see auras was one of them. I got as far as seeing my own whitish halo over the head or a white line when I put two opposite fingers together and tried slowly to move them apart (try this exercise as well, it's the easiest to see a first glimpse of the aura!).

But then life got in the way, other things took priority I never tried anymore. Until now. Yesterday to be exact. I was lying in bed with one one hand outstretched and was trying to see the aura around my fingers. At first there was again the usual milky halo over the fingers, but then eventually I started to see colors as well. Very faint ones, a bit of yellow, just a tad bit of red, but as if really washed out. I guess I got so excited from having seen this that I could not do it again after that before turning off the light and going to sleep.

And tonight, while relaxing in a bubble bath, I tried again to see the aura around my outstretched fingers. Nothing spectacular happening there, so I gave up. Later on I went in a room with a big mirror on the wall, and well rested and relaxed from the bath, I decided to see if I can spot the aura around my head. I haven't done this exercise in years. However the white halo came with extreme ease and even after I blinked it was there. And I know it was the aura, as when it's just an aftereffect of blinking, when you move your head, the 'halo' remains in place. Whereas here it moved along with my head. And then I started to see the milky halo becoming slightly bigger, and it turned to a sort of pale green, yellow with a very narrow strip of darker blue at the edge. Again, I got excited, and that was it. But it was enough to prove to myself that I can do it. And do it again I will!