Thursday, 9 September 2010

HemiSync - Focus 10 again

I remembered I have the Gateway HemiSync CDs somewhere around and I've decided to start the training again. Afterall, I really feel that I had most success with these tapes than with any other meditation tapes or CDs that I listened to.

While earlier on I used to listen to the CD sitting on my chair (in my office at home where I also work every day), now I've decided to try something else. I went to the bedroom and put the CD in the laptop and listened to Discover #2 (Introduction to Focus 10) lying down in bed. It's about 35 or so minutes, I was alone, so I knew I would not be disturbed. And I also wanted to see how it is to be lying down while entering the Focus 10 state.

One thing I've realized afterwards is that I got much more relaxed and much 'deeper' than when I do usual meditation based on Dick Sutphen or somebody else. This feeling of mind awake / body asleep is totally relaxing and I welcome it fully. At some point I was not even sure how I was positioned in the bed, and I had the distinct feeling that one of my hands is actually turned inwards, in a funny position, whereas it turned out that it was not.

I had the window open and a strong rather cold was entering the room, plus I realized that I had the sound too loud, so I will know better next time. But all in all, I think I will give the Gateway Experience another shot and this time I hope I will stick with it. Also another feeling that I've noticed was different from my regular meditation sessions...usually when I open my eyes and I start moving around the room, I still feel a bit dazed, and I need to center to get back into the 'nromal'. Now, on the other hand, when I had to open my eyes and be wide awake, I truly was. It was as if nothing had happened in terms of 'aftereffects' of the session. I just felt great.

Hm, re-reading what I wrote after my first session over a year ago with the same track, I guess I felt pretty much the same again...

"After finishing the exercise, I also felt fresher, not as sleepy and drowsy as I usually feel after regular meditation. Now if this is a good or not so good sign, I have no idea."

So it seems that my previous Gateway experience journal is about to be reopened again and I'm really looking forward to my experiences in the process.