Tuesday, 2 August 2011

See aura after reiki session

I haven't had a Reiki session in really a long time, maybe longer than a year. For some unknown reason, I've decided to give myself a Reiki treatment and it felt really great. The energy started really flowing and I really enjoyed it. Wondering why I stopped with it in the first place.

After my Reiki treatment, I remembered having learned from William Lee Rand in his The Reiki Touch home study course to send Reiki through the eyes (if you're doing self-healing, then simply sit or stand in front of the mirror for about 10 minutes and look yourself in the eyes).

This is a great way to learn to see auras and also might give you a glimpse into either a past life or maybe spirit guides.

So having just finished my Reiki session, I went over to a mirror and started simply staring at my image, of course by sending Reiki at the same time (having put the intent and prayer into it).

At first nothing happened, however soon after I've started to see my aura really clearly. I've always been able to sort of see auras, more of a milky shade around the head than anything else. Now, that milky shade became crystal clear, focused and very bright. It was not a light-ish color but a strong sharp yellow around my head and shoulders. Sometimes above my head it was extending, depending on how I was focusing on my image. Towards the end, on one side of my heard the aura became so sharp, it actually broke my connection - it was amazing! Never saw anything like it, like a laser beam!

Another thing I"ve noticed was that at some point my face started to morph - my eyes became different (almost scary - like the eyes of a man, not a woman) and my mouth became much thinner, downwards slanted. Totally spooky

That was definitely something I just had to write down because I've really never experienced anything like it before. I guess the fact that I just did Reiki on myself before enhanced me seeing the aura. The chi energy must have flown in me like crazy.

What I feel right now? I feel very calm (well except the tiny excitement due to the mirror experience) and relaxed - also a bit energized. It's almost 9 pm so hopefully I can sleep tonight :-)