I've been trying unsuccessfully to astral project for a long time now, using product after product and method after method. Unfortunately except the Hemi-Synch which did "something" (but not much), everything else was really useless for me.

A few days ago I got in the post William Buhlman's latest set of CDs called How to have an out of body experience (check out the link if you want to see what is all about with the full description of the program), and finally last night when I went to bed, I popped in the first CD and started listening to it.

William Buhlman was actually the first who got me interested in astral projection with his book Adventures Beyond the Body, a book which I treasure even now.

So I've started listening to the first CD, where Buhlman was talking about his first AP experience, was giving the list of what you can feel as you're getting closer to have an out of body experience and the last track was a 30 minutes visualization exercise.

While listening and following this exercise track, my body started to feel first twitchy, then I felt a light tingling all over the body. Then it became lighter somehow (part of the exercise was to imagine we're floating on a cloud) and eventually the body started to feel heavier, and sinking in the mattress.

And then I heard a loud pop in my ears like a cork being pulled out of a bottle. Sadly this brought me out of trance but boy I was so happy: these were the exact "symptoms" that Buhlman listed in one of the previous tracks on this CD, right down to the popping in the ear.

I knew I was closer to an AP than ever before. And this was only an exercise for practicing visualization, it was not the 'real deal' yet.

Now I can't wait to start listening to the rest of the CD and practicing with one of the methods Buhlman describes in the CDs.

I've read at the Astral Pulse forum a while ago (and even Buhlman mentioned) that not every technique or method works with everyone. You have to try to find the one that works best for you. So far it seems I've been trying the wrong techniques - for example listening to any form of Binaural Beats seem to cause me headaches.

But the guided voice is what really seems to mostly resonate with me, so I'll keep on using the Buhlman CDs and report back on how I got on. I can't wait to have my first real astral projection!